About Mod

Mod for Agar.io multiplayer action browsergame.

Legend Mod Promo Video

Author: Jimboy3100  (Developer on java, vb, c++, asp.net, javascript and sql libraries)

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This mod combines many scripts for agario game. It is based on ogario.ovh platform with all features, and uses script codes such as auto-respawn, kitty insist reconnects for ffa/exp tokens and plenty of other scripts that can be found on greasefork website. It works only as javascript / jquery design palette script that works on the users terminal, using dynamic libraries from cloud, but not sending any user information to the web. It also does not use any cheat codes, but provides mathematical / programming scripts that help users play with comfort. It also provides better ogario.ovh syncing support with the game and some basic game bug fixes to the game itself. It also:

  • Auto Updates
  • Provides many features shown on the feature section
  • Is encoded
  • Has the best scripts and features than any other mod for agar.io (as far as i know)
  • Provides vanilla-like framework with one button click, for users who are used to vanilla game.



Who we are

We are a clan named ℄LEGEND, we use ℄ symbol to be recognised. We love agar.io. We are an active elite clan. Communication is over skype. We share ours script to everyone.


We need

  • Modders, people who are used to scripting javascript / jquery or programming vb / asp.net
  • Translators, we can offer the mod to any language, with one button click
  • Player design settings, share your game settings with everyone
  • Testers for the new beta versions



If you like, please support the mod with any donation