Developing Scripts

1. Agario Legend Mod Github Library

2. Greasefork Legend Mod Project Library

Support Legend Mod developing by contributing translation for your language


example: https://jimboy3100.github.io/LanguagePackGreek.js

copy it on a text and translate it, send it to skype id: jimboy3100

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Other Clients for Agario

Cigar (recommends MultiOgar-Edited for Private Servers)

JackSalfia's Code 


Developing Servers


https://github.com/Megabyte918/MultiOgar-Edited (MultiOgar - Suggested, compatible with agario)

https://github.com/JaraLowell/OgarServ (OgarServ - other agario-like games)

https://github.com/OgarProject/Ogar (OgarProject - other agario-like games)

Example video:



Dynamic server e.g https://codeanywhere.com/ needed  (free account does not provide 24h/7 server), although static data can be stored at https://github.com/ 


Example video:




Game uses Server-client Application as author (don't disturb asking questions) of Agar.io describes on the article.

The protocol of each server (communication, etc)  is passed through ws:// (e.g ws://live-arena-18qspzk.agar.io:80 )  websocket masked by Cloudfare, and handled by node.js.

MultiOgar uses uWebSockets (other socket that can be used: socket.io ). Barbosik implied UwebSockets on Barbosik/MultiOgar.

Protocol of agario is stored on http://agar.io/mc/agario.js location. Latest decryptions of the protocol by NuclearC and issy123 github libraries. Example of watching protocol.

To join skype room for OgarServ (and other) developers click here.