Legend Mod has Unlimited FPS unlocked (quicker than Vanilla). The FPS are as much as the agar.io servers can send for the Canvas Rendering.

The Preliminary:

  • Legend Express edition does not load skins and profile's libraries, thus the performace is significantly greater than the Legend Mod Edition.
  • Ethernet cable internet has the most important role on connection Ping, prefer Ethernet than WIFI.
  • Wireless phone base should be at distance greater than 1.5 meters (5’ feet) from rooter, in case of WIFI.
  • Call to provider and refer to enable “fast pack”, mention that you play internet game, it is a free service. Gamers need quick response (PING).
  • Update Chrome to latest version: chrome://settings/help .
  • Update Legend Mod to latest version from www.legendmod.ml .
  • Go to chrome://flags/ , ensure that Override software rendering list is "Enabled" (you'll need to relaunch Chrome for any changes to take effect).
  • Go to chrome://settings/system , ensure the Use hardware acceleration when available checkbox is checked (you'll need to relaunch Chrome for any changes to take effect).
  • Go to chrome://flags, Ensure that Disable WebGL is not activated (you'll need to relaunch Chrome for any changes to take effect). This feature might not be shown, as already been enabled on new Chrome Updates.



Some players experience conflicts that cause great FPS drop, bugs or even crash.Top reasons:

  • Ad blockers, Must be disabled
  • Sometimes Chrome enables its own Ad blocker that disables cookies. You must even disable all blocks to other cookies (youtube, miniclip, xsolla, etc) because they affect agario
  • Cookie blockers, Must be disabled
  • Chrome Extensions, chrome://extensions/ , Other extensions rather than Tampermonkey, AgarioScripts must be disabled. Not both Tampermonkey and AgarioScripts Userscript managers used
  • Other Tampermonkey (top right button->dashboard) or AgarioScript Userscripts. Use 1 Userscript at a time


Performance notes:

Top performance killers which should be OFF on a low-end PC:

  • Skins.
  • Background sectors.
  • Background grid.
  • Rainbow food.
  • Names (disable names or use “Auto hide name” option).
  • Names and mass stroke.


Some tips to get more stable FPS:

  • Prefer joining locked Servers by typing tokens directly to address bar e.g "http://agar.io/?sip=" .
  • Use “Optimized names” and “Optimized mass” option.
  • Use “Auto hide mass” option.
  • Use “Short mass” option.
  • Disable auto zoom.
  • Choose agar.io servers that are close to you.
  • Do not use any kind of helpers if you don’t need them. Less to draw means better performance.
  • Try different browsers (Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi).


Also prefer using:

  • AgarioScripts is a much lighter Script Manager, compatible with all user.js APIs that provides better performace (more FPS), because it doesnt interfere with 3rd party websites. Remove Tampermonkey if used
  • talky.io/ voice chat tools, from the game itself (“Voice and Camera Chat” button). It makes chat rooms per IP/token, per password tag. This way we get rid of the extra information that discord/raidcall/teamspeak/skype voice rooms send. Users of other mods or Vanilla, can use the utility and be compatible, if they use this script: https://jimboy3100.github.io/Voicechat.user.js or Agario Voice Chat rooms - GreaseFork


*Please avoid asking me questions about the mod, there are so many requests.