v3.0, v3.1

  • Legend Mod and Agar Tool mod are compatible
  • Double Split command added
  • Russian and  German language available
  • Updated to not freeze on death, because of the latest agario update
  • HUGE update on the JSON scripts handling, so users can IMPORT/EXPORT all their settings 
  • Lag issue (MC.onPlayerDeath) fixed for the vast majority of players. Players need to wait and not press ESC when they loose
  • Necessary fixes for agario updates (Leaderboards)
  • Sophisticated system established to make XP be gained by gameplay (due to updates)
  • Added more chat commands [srv], [yut], [url], [skype], [discord], described on the Features section
  • Enable Youtube as background button
  • LM and LM Express compatible again
  • Old Skins Login/Logout available again
  • Update on the handlers of Language packers to support more texts
  • Fix for the "Edit Names" miniscript to be able to work again

v2.8, v2.9

  • Mod Settings can be uploaded / downloaded on this website: http://ext.fzogar.xyz/ogs/ ,
    within the mod (Settings tab->Import/Upload Setting->Upload/Download). Easy to create account and Upload settings or even change the JSON code.
    Update developed by the creators:
    Jimboy3100 (The Legend Mod Project Developer)
    Fayiz (Ogar Games and Private Servers Hoster): http://fzogar.xyz

v2.6, v2.7

  • Old Skins working again but with another function
  • Video Skins added
  • Profile buttons bug fixed
  • Absolute Compatibility between LM and LM Express


  • Direct access from main connector to Private Servers (Unlocked). On connector you can join PS by IP e.g , or masked address e.g eu.fzogar.xyz:4000. Servers not providing the protocol are considered as having ws:// protocol. To specify the protocol it must be this way: ws:// or wss:// or uws:// (or masked). The same connector can connect to agario servers or party tokens. We suggest ws:// protocols and MultiOgar based private servers, read developers notes
  • Updated for the new masked server addresses
  • Design nickname Font, make your decorated nickname with fonts
  • Inheritance of Potions
  • Ability to buy old Deals (Use at your own risk)
  • Ability to change skins on others to a Skin that says "Fake" in order to flag them
  • When browsing agar.io, website will redirect to https://jimboy3100.github.io/legendmod.html , mod injects these libraries:
  1. All Agario libraries that can be found: https://github.com/jimboy3100/jimboy3100.github.io/tree/master/agario
  2. Mod injects Font awesome,Bootstrap, Toastr, Switch, Range Slider, Perfect Scrollbar, Key Events, Youtube Iframe, Facebook login api, Google login api, Google analytics and other Google libaries
  3. Other 10 necessary scripts and 10 optional scripts (.js .css. .html .php) from LM library, are / may be injected
  • Updates of agar.io will be loaded by new versions of LM and not by default
  • Account login will not crash that easy as before
  • 2 seconds quicker loading
  • Images, advertisments, trash libraries are not deleted "on the go", but not inserted on the first place
  • Lag is slightly less, because less icons are loaded on canvas area, that were put from agario
  • Much more updatable, because it is not considered as a script (less permissions), but as a webpage
  • Reconnect button, not reconnecting to FFA anymore, when gamemode is party
  • New Token/Sip with password created. New handlers. User can copy these Url with leaderboard name on the next line

 v2.3, v2.4

  • Compatibility fixes for the new agario updates
  • Low resolution Skins (for better FPS) added (although high resolution of cell skins from other players still affect you), Vanilla Skins added. Custom skins are in total 3300+
  • Great improvement on FPS after longtime gameplay (especially when on 16), functions of mod are reprogrammed
  • Animated skins are disabled by default. Although they look awesome but mod is focused on speed, enable them if you like, but press when experiencing lag due to canvas rendering of the icons
  • Google Forms for ideas, statistics and sending code to developers added
  • Generate fonts for agario names
  • Square HUD available
  • Private servers handlers added.  Make your own private servers, Library: https://github.com/Megabyte918/MultiOgar-Edited . Play agario-like games if you know the IP of servers (e.g http://agar.io/?ip= . Use ?ip= , not ?sip= 
  • First Private Server added (It disconnects many times, if you know any better please inform me through the Google Forms)
  • To get the sip of server (works on some agario-like games):
    (function(){var a=WebSocket.prototype.send;window.__WS_send=WebSocket.prototype.send,WebSocket.prototype.send=function(b){console.log(this.url);try{var c=/((?:[0-9]{1,3}(?:\.|\-)){1,3}[0-9]{1,3})(?:.*?)?(\:[0-9]{1,5})/,d=c.exec(this.url);console.log("http://agar.io/?sip="+d[1].replace(/-/g,'.')+d[2])}catch(e){}try{a.apply(this,[b]),WebSocket.prototype.send=a}catch(e){window.__WS_send.apply(this,[b]),WebSocket.prototype.send=window.__WS_send}}})();


  • Agario Voice Chat Rooms (Text, Voice, Camera, Share Screen) per token (party) / IP (other modes), per ClanTag / Password
  • Agario Voice Chat Rooms script (other mods and vanilla) for Voice Rooms to be enabled and compatible with Legend Mod. [Don't install if using Legend Mod] 
  • Voice to text button on text area when pressing Enter
  • Deleted the annoying voice advertisements that were occurring occasionally on player death
  • Images not stored on the container, were slightly affecting the the FPS. Used or unnecessary images of mod and Agario are deleted on the go
  • Google unnecessary advertisements after player login are auto closing


  • Language packs
  • Old Skins
  • Animated Skins
  • 3 Easter eggs
  • 4 ways of finding and using server, compatible with all known mods and vanilla.
  • Added server connector on helloscreen
  • On settings tab, combo boxes are more organised, added more stuff to tools, interface is very modable
  • Information button with choosing template added
  • Minimap can  be rotated if player has joined server with Token
  • Tokens can be send to 2 discord webhooks


  • Unlimited FPS - Unlocked, game is quicker than vanilla, FPS is the best that agario server can provide
  • Quicker load of scripts
  • Compatible for new version of agario, tools added for future updates of agario
  • SIP (tokens of all modes) are now compatible with all modes and vanilla. If user uses SIP he cannot change server until refresh 
  • Message Commands added. User can give direct commands to his teamer's script, 6 commands added (4 need user permisson)
  • Message (Imgur) Icons and texts added, that user can use in game communication, can change manualy by user
  • Troll on death, show timer calculator, chat position and other functions added
  • Fixed the issues of SIP handlers 


  • SIP handlers, buttons and fuctions added, SIPs are instant locked servers without searching
  • Chat button added, it can open chat or hide/unhide player from team/clan while playing
  • Manualy add leaderboard and minimap background picture
  • Shortcut Extensions are hidden by default, user can choose to use them
  • Binoculars is the tools that you can unfocus and spectate all map
  • Many new tools added
  • Stability issues fixed


  • "Copy tools" added
  • Fixed grid issue 
  • Fixed issue of all Graphic Qualities
  • Fixed issue of banner "connected"  showing once instead of multiple times
  • Various more changes


  • VanillaSetting and GalaxySettings look much better, HUD font changed to Oswald Bold.
  • Mass font scale differs depended on Name
  • TimeInterval function differs depended on connection, for quicker initialize
  • Various small changes 

v0.8 (Auto Updates):

  • It cloud updates, no more Updates needed by user.
  • Huge onload perfomance speed, (50% less). Test it Yourself! 
  • Less lag. 
  • Bug Fixes, less cookies stored. 
  • Banners depend on nickname of clans that registered their webside, banner and symbol to me