Agario Mobile

  • On chrome mobile choose setting "FOR PC"
  • Go to www.agar.io 
  • Erase URL, write javascript: then paste the below code
lm=document.createElement('script');lm.src ='https://jimboy3100.github.io/lm.js';document.head.appendChild(lm);
  • Should look like this:

Play Agar.io on mobile:
(for Agar.io you need to switch to "request desktop site").
- Go to your game and in your location bar, type javascript:
- Then paste your code and press GO button.
If it doesn't work, it means that your browser doesn't allow you to inject some codes from your location bar, then install Greasemonkey for Firefox or Tampermonkey for Google Chrome And paste your code there or this userscript


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