Legend Mod Extension (Chrome)

Legend Mod depends on multiple libraries from which many parts are obfuscated. Google did not accept my script on Chrome web Store, so it's considered "illegal". 

*My other script AgarioScripts (Script Manager) is accepted by google.

Users can still use the Legend Mod Extension.

Known bug: SIPS ("click and play" URLS) are not working most times, you must join the server manualy.



  • Disable any other userscript on Tampermonkey or AgarioScripts.
  • Disable any other Chrome Extensions for Agario
  • Download the file https://jimboy3100.github.io/extension/1.0.7_0.zip on a folder
  • Unzip the file
  • Type this chrome://extensions/ on google chrome URL
  • Click "Load Unpacked Extension" button
  • Select the folder 1.0.7_0
  • Play