Developing Scripts

Support Legend Mod developing by contributing translation to your language


example: https://jimboy3100.github.io/LanguagePackGreek.js

copy it on a text and translate it, send it to skype id: jimboy3100

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Script of the Legend mod project can be found on the "project" function

Other Clients for Agario

Cigar (recommends MultiOgar-Edited for Private Servers)


Developing Servers


https://github.com/Megabyte918/MultiOgar-Edited (MultiOgar - Suggested, compatible with agario)

https://github.com/JaraLowell/OgarServ (OgarServ - other agario-like games)

https://github.com/OgarProject/Ogar (OgarProject - other agario-like games)

Example video:



Dynamic server e.g https://codeanywhere.com/ needed  (free account does not provide 24h/7 server), although static data can be stored at https://github.com/ 


Example video:




Game uses Server-client Application as author (don't disturb asking questions) of Agar.io describes on the article.

The protocol of each server (communication, etc)  is passed through ws:// (e.g ws://live-arena-18qspzk.agar.io:80 )  websocket masked by Cloudfare, and handled by node.js.

MultiOgar uses uWebSockets (other socket that can be used: socket.io ). Barbosik implied UwebSockets on Barbosik/MultiOgar.

Protocol of agario is stored on http://agar.io/mc/agario.js location. Latest decryptions of the protocol by NuclearC and issy123 github libraries.

To join skype room for OgarServ (and other) developers click here.