The Legend Mod Project is the summary of the scripts provided by Legend ℄ clan for all agario users for free

It is a team work from developers / translators/ testers of Legend clan and other LM users, their names are mentioned in the mod

Some crucial developers wanted to remain unknown.  LM is the most quick, big and smart mod of Agario. LM Project includes 30k+ lines of programming


Skins of the Legend Mod Project:

1. LM skins (use custom skins with any mod)

2. LM skin Checker

3. LM skin Rotator (Script/Userscript generator for skins)


Scripts of the Legend Mod Project (need AgarioScripts or Tampermonkey Installed):

1. AgarioScripts Manager Chrome

2. Legend mod v2.7 (and v2.6) and Legend Express

3. Video Skin Script (LM has it already)

4. Voice, Camera compatibility tools for other mods with LM

5. Simple Multiplayer IP Agario Script


6. Send Agario SIP To Discord

7. Agar.io Legend Mod Translations

8. Cancer Script

9. 5 Agario in a Window

10. Fz Private Agario Servers

11. Agario-Mobile

12. Support for Developers

13. Agario Github Library

14. Greasefork Legend Mod Project Library